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Use the tools of successful real estate investors to evaluate rental properties. Our spreadsheets crunch all the numbers to show you whether the property is a good investment.

Investment Property Evaluation Spreadsheet: Single Property Edition

Check out a live demo of this Google Spreadsheet for evaluating investment properties here. This spreadsheet calculates the metrics needed to assess the attractiveness of a particular investment property. You’ll see your CapRate, Cash Flow, Gross Rental Yield, date of cash flow positive, IRR, and other important metrics. A number of premium versions will be available soon including Multiple Property Edition: This spreadsheet expands on the Single Property Edition by allowing you to compare multiple properties to see which one is best.

Single property edition
Multiple property edition

Monthly subscriptions

Get access to your own version where you can save your inputs and receive access to updates and get support.

Single Property Edition


Perfect for those evaluating a single property or looking to better understand their current property.

Multi Property Edition


COMING SOON. Take your analysis to the next level with multiple property comparisons.

Multi Scenario Edition


COMING SOON. For the serious investor that wants to understand the impact of different assumptions and compare scenarios and properties.