Spreadsheets for Investment Properties and Financial Planning

Evaluate the financial returns and cash flows of investment properties.

Why you need this spreadsheet

I created this spreadsheet to evaluate my investments in rental properties. I looked at the simple rental property calculators and the more advanced ones on BiggerPockets, but none of them had sufficient level of detail to provide me with an estimated return that I could believe in. Smart investors need to be able to see all the assumptions and adjust them to meet their needs. The difference between ignoring the tax benefits of a rental property or the price appreciation, can make you miss out on what may be a great investment. This spreadsheet gives you that level of control to make the right investment decisions and much more informed position than the vast majority of others.

What we offer

We offer several google sheets that are customizable to your needs.

Our first spreadsheet allows you to calculate your cashflow, IRR, CapRate, Price to Rent ratio, maximum cash used, time to cashflow positive, and many others. Check our post or contact us directly for current availability.

Our next product release will add the ability to run multiple scenarios and compare various properties to see which ones are the best investment opportunities.

A bit about me

Through a combination of thorough analysis and of course some luck, I have been fortunate to make a series of successful real estate investments, and I'm sharing my technique, approach, and secrets with you. I have an MBA from UC Berkeley, a B.S. in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance from the University of Southern California, and I have a knack for financial analysis having led merger and acquisitions analysis for some of Silicon Valley's most exciting tech companies.

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