Google Spreadsheet for Evaluating Investment Properties

Tue, Apr 30, 2019

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Need a spreadsheet to help you assess a potential investment property? Have you tried the simple online tools that just aren't sophisticated or customizable enough for the needs of a real estate investor?

RiffBiz’s real estate investment property spreadsheets are Google Sheets that have been built to the needs of the most successful real estate investors. I looked all over and tried numerous investment property evaluators but they all came up short. Try the live demo here and see the difference for yourself. Note this demo version will not save your results as they may be overwritten by other users. If you want your own private version, you can gain access here.

What problem does this spreadsheet solve?

This real estate investment property spreadsheet solves the following problems and helps you assess the following: * Is the investment property a good investment? * Determine your Cap Rate (aka Capitalization Rate) * What is the investment property’s gross rental yield? * What is the investment property’s net rental yield? * What is the investment property’s IRR? * When does the investment property become cash flow positive? * Is it better to pay all cash or get a mortgage? * How much can you afford to spend on renovations? * Should you add an additional unit on a property? * And many others

How does this spreadsheet compare to other options?

A quick Google search will return lots of rental property calculators. Many of these are great for very simple purposes or investors that aren’t concerned about making the most from their investments. However, if you want a tool that allows you to tailor all of the key assumptions and then gives you the metrics that most successful real estate investors use, this is your best option. Here are some of the inputs you can customize for the specific investment property you are evaluating: * Purchase price * Percent down and mortgage * Mortgage rate * Closing costs * Construction or improvement costs * Separate interest rate for construction loan * Rents for each unit * Rental rate yearly increase * Real estate professional tax treatment * Selling costs (e.g., realtor fees) * Personal income tax rate * Property taxes * Expenses * Vacancy rate * Depreciable basis * And many others

Are you ready to invest like a professional?

If you’ve read this far, you’re clearly ready to make the best investment decisions you can. Click here to get access now and begin to make the best investment decisions of your life.